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Objectives & Overview

Within this task we will evaluate the introduction of Grouper for a cross/inter organizational use.
The activities will be brought within the GN3+ activities by Andrea Biancini, Marco Malavolti and Maria Laura Mantovani from GARR.

Grouper will be used to manage in a centralized way (yet eventually permitting delegation):

  • Groups of users
  • Authorization attributes for users
Activities overview

The main activities for this subtask will be:

  • Better definition of the possibilities for an authorization process within different services and communities.
  • Realization of a PoC to prove possible integrations of existing services with Grouper.
  • Documentation and dissemination of results achieved.

Activity nameDescriptionStart monthEnd monthStatus

1. Documentation phase

Study phase finalized at gaining knowledge on the tools and processes to be implemented.01/201403/2014DONE
2. FeasibilityProduce the first deliverable and introduce the context of authorization processes.03/201405/2014DONE
3. DesignProduce the architectural design and describe the technical choices to be tested in the PoC.06/201409/2014DONE
4. BuildRealize the PoC with the integration of the three SPs.10/201412/2014DONE
   4.1 MediaWikiIntegrate Grouper with a wiki SP.10/201411/2014DONE
   4.2 MoodleIntegrate Grouper with a Moodle SP.11/201412/2014DONE
   4.3 GARRboxIntegrate Grouper with GARRbox SP.11/201412/2014DONE
5. FinalizeProduce dissemination material.01/201505/2013DONE
Information, Documents & Links
Project Documents

The project activities, so far, produced the following relevant documentation:

Other Documentation

Other relevant information and additional documentation can be found here:

Code Contributions

The code developed within this activity has been shared with the community. In particular:








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